Tuesday, July 18, 2006

We Get to Keep the Robin

When you get to be my age & the kids are at the point where they're choosing mates, you just hope that your kids will look at the inner qualities of people they spend time with, comprehend what is most important to them, and make choices that reflect their particular priorities. I am happy to say that Brian has found is mate, and we can't be more delighted with his choice. He proposed a few days ago, and Robin accepted. They plan to marry next spring or summer. So I will now have the two most wonderful daughters-in-law on the planet. :-) (My older son, Jeff, from my first marriage, has been married to Libby for 11 years. She, too, is a treasure.)

On the kitty front, things are going well. Angus seems to think that my wool/alpaca/opossum shawl is his Mommy, so I will spin up the remaining fiber that I have from that project & knit him a Kitty Blanket.


Blogger Sue said...

Congrats on the new daughter-in-law! Your triangle shawl looks lovely- aren't Sheep-to-Shawl events fun? To answer the question you asked on my blog, the urchin shawl is an original design out of my own head! The pattern will be available for sale on my site at some point this fall, after I finish making the prototype. Glad you like it!

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