Friday, June 16, 2006

Louet Delta Loom

It's been a full month since my last communication with the Louet Co. about the mutant sidebars on my loom. Please forgive the fuzzy image. At that time, Jan from Louet, having received an email photo, acknowledged that indeed, the sidebars had been milled incorrectly, and said that he would arrange for replacements to be sent. Yesterday I felt it was time for another friendly reminder. Well, this morning I was told that the parts have arrived via cargo ship in New York. They will be mailed from New York directly to my home. So they should be here next week. This will be a very nice loom *once the sidebars stop popping off*. I should be able to weave without having to hold the loom together with supplemental velcro tabs & wads of cardboard. I will be a happy weaver then.

On the knitting front, last Tuesday was cast-on day for another shawl at Northwest Handspun Yarns in Bellingham. We're now doing the Fiddlesticks Knitting pattern "Lotus Blossom" which I've done once before. It's a lovely design, and well-suited to beginning lace knitters. (Not meaning *beginning knitters*. It really helps to already understand increases, decreases & yo's.) So, this is three lace shawls on the needles right now. I still haven't finished Tina, but am on the last graph before the edging. It is absolutely lovely, and I love working on this pattern. It just needs to be worked on without distractions so isn't so good for toting along in the car, etc. The second shawl is the Inky Dinky Mutant Spider from Hell, of which we will no longer speak. It has been banished to live in a bag until such time as it is capable of being knitted by *me*. And the third is the new Lotus Blossom. I'm working with Country Silk from Fiddlesticks, in "earth" color way. Mmmmmmm.

We're heading off for a little vacation again, so I'll be packing some lace knitting, and some socks. I'm not going overboard (repeat several times) on packing knitting projects this time. I promise.


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