Thursday, June 29, 2006

Canadian & Oregon vacation

We just returned from our summer vacation. I am sorry to say that my camera took a side trip of its own, and has not returned, so the photos you see were taken by my hubby. We started at the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, hoping to do a little fishing. We caught starfish. A most lovely and colorful photo is in the camera which is still on vacation. I hear that the fish are late this year, so hopefully Doug will have more success on his next trip, next month to Port Hardy on Vancouver Island.

After a few days, we returned home to touch bases with the kids (& install the new side bars on the loom), then headed to Oregon for Black Sheep Gathering. My day at Black Sheep Gathering was mostly wonderful. I visited with the sheep & angora goats. Too bad they don't make good housepets, because I really would love to have some. (We live in town on a small lot, busy street. . . not gonna happen.) I did drag Doug back the next day to take a few photos. Most of the animal photos were blurry, but he did get a couple of displays that didn't move while he was shooting. So here are a stationary electric drum carder (definitely on my wish list), a display of rovings & yarns from Interlacements (impossible to resist).

We visited the Newport Aquarium the next day, where Doug got a few more photos.


Blogger cgoyer said...

Yvonne - I had a wonderful time at Black Sheep. If you check my blog again you'll see that I've added a post about everything I did while I was there. Well, almost everything. :o)
thanks for visiting.

12:44 PM  
Blogger Kim in Oregon said...

I love the BSG. I can hardly wait til next year. Did you find any good yarn shops on the Coast?

4:19 PM  

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