Sunday, June 11, 2006

Commencement 2006 (or the March of the Silly Hat People)

The day we've waited for has finally arrived! Our youngest graduated from University, and Halleluia Bob, are we delighted. He's worked hard and completed his course of study. He now has a Bachelor of Music from Western Washington University in Bellingham. (Clarinet performance, with lots of oboe and other woodwinds.) Grad school is in the future, but not immediately, as he and girlfriend, Robin need to decide where to go. She graduated, too, in Bio-psychology, and finding a place where both can pursue their different courses of study is, well, a challenge. Plus, I think they both need a break.

So here are a couple of photos. Brian and proud Dad, and Brian with Robin, our daughter Lisa, and her hubby, Ian, after Brian's senior recital. The senior recital, by the way, was a couple of months ago, and to hear Brian play some prettttty challenging Stravinsky, Bartok & Brahms was, well, impressive. Especially since I've heard him wrestle with the Stravinsky for some time. To hear it finally & finely polished was nothing short of amazing.

I should mention that I knitted an entire sock cuff during the commencement ceremony. Yes, it was *that* long.


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Loved the group photo of the kids!

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