Friday, July 14, 2006

Highland Games Sheep-to-Shawl

Well, actually, it was a Fleece-to-Shawl. We had a lovely day, somwhat warmish with just a few little drops of rain, but generally speaking couldn't have been much nicer. (This is Washington State, you know.) The fleece was from a Shetland sheep named "Susie", a lovely white & silver-gray. It had been washed & was in clumps & locks when we started. It was a joy to turn the clumps into fluffy carded roving & batts. The spinners were primed & ready to go & came through quickly with bits of yarn to get the shawl started.

It's been a year since I wove on the tri-loom (last year's Highland Games), but although I was a bit rusty, it went well. The shawl will be 100% handspun this year. Previously we've used a supplemental mohair or Harrisville yarn, but this year, we're being purists (forgot the part about the supplemental yarn). Of course, there wasn't enough time to finish at the Games, so I'm working on it at home. I'm about 3/4 done now. I'm doing plain weave this year. Last year was twill. The woman who won the shawl last year brought it & we were able to display it, too. Quite a few people stopped by to watch, feel the fiber, and even try their hand at carding & weaving.

As I mentioned in my last post, I came home from the Highland Games with two kitties. Doug has been remarkably accepting of these little additions to the family. I truly think he's relieved that I didn't bring home a goat or alpaca. Angus and Annabelle are thriving. Nuzzles, now Overlord of the Underworld (downstairs, where the kids live) occasionally comes up to play (torment unmercifully) so we keep close watch on them when together. And the kitties are not without blame. They venture to the Underworld if not supervised, too. So the stairway is now barricaded with plastic tub, bags of stuff, etc. Not quite stylish additions to the living room decor, but they work for the most part. Kitties are amazing. Everything, to them, is a toy. We're all having too much fun.


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