Friday, May 12, 2006

The Scream Heard Nowhere

Last night, I put another warp on my Louet Delta loom. It's my first experience warping back to front & it's a big change for me. I am still having difficulty with the side bar that connects the back beam to the loom. It has kept popping off, ever since I got it. I have tried various things to get the bar to stay in place, and this is my hubby's most recent attempt - cardboard & velcro jammed in to provide some extra friction & pressure, to keep the side bar in place.

I've had this loom for nearly a year (the loom arrived last summer - I ordered it in the spring & waited a few months before it finally arrived from Holland, Hell, or wherever it came from). Then, of course, it took awhile to get the pieces put together. So, for this being only my second warp, well, there simply is no excuse. But here we are. The side bar, amazingly, has not healed itself. And every time I look at it, I think to myself that if I had seen this loom on a showroom floor, as it stands, with cardboard & velcro holding the pieces together, there is no freaking way that I would have bought it. What's next? Duct tape?

I have asked our local shop owner to come take a look at it. Perhaps she will have some insight as to what the problem is. Is it assembled correctly? I *think* so, but the instruction book has a significant paucity of photos. And yes, I have emailed Louet with photos.

The saga continues. . .


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