Wednesday, March 29, 2006

To Yuma and Back Again

We just returned from another visit to Yuma. It was a family get-together, always enjoyable, but would have been even moreso had it not been for the viruses left behind by the last bunch of visitors to Grandma & Grandpa's house. Doug came back with a horrible cough, Brian's fever broke on the plane returning home, and I have a whopping case of laryngitis. Robin seems to have survived with just a throat tickle. The various bugs did curtail our activities some, but we suffered along, sipping Margaritas by the pool in between popping lozenges. I'll say it again: Thank God for Ibuprofen.

Another thing about this particular visit - mockingbirds. In the tree right outside our bedroom. Their charming, delightful, and varied songs began every morning at 4:30 a.m. Does anybody out there have any good recipes? I was thinking maybe Curried Mockingbird with Mango-Papaya Chutney. Or, heck, this was the Southwest. How about Mockingbird Tacos?

I did finish Robin's sweater. This was supposed to be done a month ago, as part of the Knitting Olympics, but what can I say. I re-knitted a huge portion of it (twice) and it does finally fit. Ta-Daaaa! I suppose I'd have been better off in the Knitting Special Olympics.

Of course, Tina Shawl has been along for the trip, too, and is a welcome relief from my other Knitting Project of Epic Proportion - The Terrible Mutant Inky-Dinky Spider from Hell shawl. Now, I would not characterize the designer at Fiddlesticks as a raving sadist. Truly, I love her designs. I just think I'm in *a bit* over my head, and at this point I'm trying to decide whether I should (and this takes me a good looooong time) go ahead & knit the next 16-row repeat (no plain knit rows, no plain purl rows, but yos, yoos, togs, & trippples on both sides), or hurl the whole kit & caboodle out onto the driveway & run over it several times with the car. Thank goodness I've had some guidance through this shawl. The teacher at my LYS is ever so patient and tells me that there's no crying in lace knitting. Yeah. Right.

In between knitting marathons, time in the pool, and lozenge popping, we managed to squeeze in a visit to the Annual Yuma Chili Cookoff (see photo of bellydancers. . . always a necessity at a Chili Cookoff), and a visit to the Yuma Camel Farm, where my little friend whom I met in December, is growing like a weed.


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Wow Yvonne! Robin's sweater looks awesome. Good job!


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