Friday, April 07, 2006

My Evil Twin

Wouldn't you know that she'd show up when I truly need to prepare for a presentation on constitution & bylaws for my local educational group? Look what she's done! Not only am I now sidetracked from working on my program, which I was optimistically hoping to rewrite into poetic form (or maybe tap dance? now that'd keep everybody awake. . .) but I'm also sidetracked from the two lace projects that have been consuming most of my wakeful knitting time. (I can knit socks in my sleep, and apparently have, given the number of times I've awakened to find socks-in-progress & needles amongst the sheets.)

She knew, didn't she, that I had some hand-dyed Woolpak set aside for a vest. She just had to cast it on, and start knitting the first few rows just to see how the colors would knit out. The colors are impossible to ignore, flashing with near-neon intensity that I can still see from the corner of my eye. And the sock. Now that was merciless. She knew, didn't she, that my last pair of gourmet socks made from Mountain Colors sock yarn felted & shrank, so she cast on some Woolease that she knows won't do that. . . plus, they'll be a fast knit . . . I could do them while working on the presentation .

Next, she's gonna want to go see that new Antonio Banderas movie.


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