Saturday, May 13, 2006

A Better Day

Today has been a better day. Better, by far, than just a couple of days ago when I last posted, frustrated with the perpetual popping-off of the sidebar on my loom. I am happy to say that (although the sidebar is still wedged in place with cardboard & velcro) I have been able to warp the loom and successfully weave on it, without the large cloud of blue verbiage that was emanating from my mouth. The shop owner from where I bought my loom is making a house call on Monday, to see what adjustments can be made to improve the situation. One *huge* advantage of buying locally.

Also, I think I have the best daughter in the world. Today, she brought to me, as part of my Mother's Day gift, a bar of "Emergency Chocolate". Now that's one very perceptive and compassionate young woman. I am so proud of her. The chocolate is now placed where I think it is most likely to be required.

Then, to top off the day, my Dear Friend, Janice invited me to Alger Alpacas for shearing day. These are the friendliest, most outgoing alpacas I've ever been around. (I won't tell Janice's hubby that she got a nice smooch from one very tall, dark & handsome [alpaca] stud muffin.) We spent over an hour, I'm sure, in the company of these sweet beasties, and enjoyed every minute. And I think we exercised admirable restraint in coming home with each just over a pound of gray fiber, rather than new "housepets".


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