Saturday, February 18, 2006

Knitting Olympics Update

I'm making great progress on the sweater. At this point, I'm figuring that I'm about 65% done. Maybe more. The body of the sweater has been cast off, and I'm over halfway done with the hood now. There is no shaping whatsoever to the hood, other than at the very end (top). This pattern is sooooo simple. If I like the fit when it's done, I'll probably use it again soon. If I don't like the hood, I'll alter the pattern *next time* when I'm not knitting it as an Olympic event. :-)

If I had thought of it earlier, I'd have made a "downhill" category button, since I'm working top-down. It only seems appropriate. As it is, I'm on the Curling team, by virtue of my naturally wavy hair. . .

The combination of Misti Alpaca sportweight & Harrisville Knitting yarn (heavier than their Shetland) is wonderful. I usually am not fond of Harrisville. . . it breaks so easily & feels to me that maybe they haven't used the best of fibers. But perhaps it's because I've been spoiled by handspun. I'm picky about the fibers I spin, and my handspun is much stronger by comparison to the Harrisville. (I have had some problems with my handspun pilling - I think as a result of using lamb fleeces a lot. Love the softness, but Geez Louise, it can pill.)

Knitting on. . .


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