Monday, February 13, 2006

Let the Olympics Begin

Well, actually, they did a few days ago. At the Friday 2 p.m. cast-on time, I was driving to a mammogram appointment. (Routine, thank you, it's just that I'm way overdue. Yes, I do realize that it's an important test . . . I'm not particularly fond of having my itty bitty pieces smooshed . . . yes, I'll try to keep on top of my schedule better next year.) So the beginning of my Knitting Olympics project didn't happen until later in the day.

I thought I was well prepared, but unfortunately, the ball-winding fairy had forgotten to stop by my house to poof my skeins into tidy little balls. This oversight taken care of, I plunged in to my chosen event later in the day. I am working on Knitting Pure & Simple's Bulky Neckdown Cardigan for Women, pattern #252, using a strand of Harrisville Knitting Yarn (which I'm normally not all that fond of. . . but it worked with the. . .) Misti Alpaca Sport Weight. . . yummmmm. I'm *right on gauge*. Can you believe it? This *never* happens. Well, rarely. Anyway, this sweater will be for Robin, my son's girlfriend. I am slightly modifying the pattern to lengthen the raglan armholes a bit (in the pattern's photo, doesn't it look a bit snug to you???) and will be making button bands for the front, instead of putting in a zipper. If Robin wants, she'll get pockets, too. And I'll do seed stitch for the cuffs & bands. I like seed stitch.

At this writing, I'm about halfway done with the body. Not bad. We've had the weekend away, & I've had some extra knitting time while on the road. I'm on my third (of seven) ball of alpaca, and second (of six) of wool. Hooray!


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