Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Return of the Fishermen

The guys came back a day early with a significant load of fish. They caught 12 salmon and 6 halibut, and completely wore out Doug's hand reeling, so they decided that, rather than inflict further damage to his carpal tunnel they'd return home with their very successful catch. Good work, guys! And they had lots of fun.

I am happy to say that I got all on my lists done except for the eagle in the back yard. Well, the guys did get home a day early. ;-) I got the table refinished, the bathroom painted, and everything else on both of my lists accomplished (although a bit short on quality knitting time). I stayed up most nights until 1 a.m. which leads me to believe that, if left to my own devices, I'd most days work until 1 a.m. & get up about 8:30 or 9. That doesn't coincide too well with my normal routine. But hey, it worked for me during this break. Meals? Whenever I was hungry, and whatever I felt like. Taco Lobo. . . Mmmmmmmm.

I have no photos of the table top or bathroom. You really didn't want to see those anyway, did you? (Both of you who read my blog will be here anyway & will see them in person.) Be assured that they turned out very nice. The table actually looks better than it did when new. (So now I guess that means that *next* fishing trip, I get to refinish the chairs.) And the bathroom is no longer the color of marshmallow creme. It's a very natural light caramel & sage now.

The knitting projects are coming along well. The Lotus Blossom Shawl (my second of this pattern) is working up beautifully in Fiddlesticks Country Silk. The sweater sleeve which was previously frogged will most likely make an appearance in another post. . . I have this love/hate relationship with variegated yarn and you just *won't* believe what it did. Weaving is going well, too. It's amazing what one can accomplish without migraines. :-)


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