Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Fishing with the Buzzards

This is the week that my hubby has set aside to go fishing in Canada with his best buddy from college, whom we affectionately know as "Buzzard" (don't ask). There is now, also, a young Buzzard who loves to fish as well, so the guys all set off on Sunday to the north end of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. It is a beautiful place. I've been there. But this is a "guys' trip" and I am more than happy to have some time at home to work on a list of projects which includes:
1. Painting the bathroom (hubby doesn't like paint smell)
2. Refinishing top of kitchen table " " " "
3. Defrosting freezer (done), & cooking all the remaining food that I defrosted (turkey dinner tomorrow night - yes, I know it's not Thanksgiving yet. I'm celebrating early.)
4. Scraping and repainting small totem in back yard

This doesn't take into account my other personal goals:
1. Keeping the kitties supervised adequately so that all three remain with their parts intact
2. Getting the three knitted baby hats for WIC mailed (done)
3. Spending some quality time with my knitting needles
4. An evening out to dinner with a friend who is also sans hubby this week
5. Keeping up with my weaving homework
6. Weekly visit with Mom & Bob - laundry, computer help & social time

Did I mention that he's only going to be gone for a week?

So far, things are progressing well, except for the little incident in which the washing machine's hose popped out of the utility sink while it was draining, flooded the garage, and sprayed water all over the controls of the water heater. We now have no hot water. Repairman comes tomorrow. Fortunately, I was able to locate all the pieces of our antique shop vac & the kids pitched in with garage cleanup.

Guess I'd better get back to work!


Blogger Brenda said...

You have a busy week planned. Best of luck! The baby hats are adorable. I like the weaving also. I hope the kitties don't give you too much trouble as they are adorable.

12:12 PM  
Blogger Tina T-P said...

Hi Yvonne - don't forget to cook those turkey bones into broth & put it back in the freezer for a great soup base later this fall -
Those baby hats are just about the custest thing I've seen in a long time - what a wonderful gift they will be.
I'm glad the weather is cooling off - you have way too much on your list to do it in overheated weather :-) Have a great time while your DH is out of town! Tina

9:23 PM  

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