Wednesday, May 31, 2006

NwRSA Spinning Conference!

Tomorrow is the day I've been waiting for for months. Tomorrow, we leave for Northwest Regional Spinners Association Conference. It's an annual event, and this year it will be in Tacoma, Washington, at University of Puget Sound. I've been to conference once there before. It's a lovely campus.

NwRSA has close to 700 members. There are *lots* more people out there who spin, I've discovered, that just haven't gotten around to joining. Anyway, usually about 300 of us show up for Conference. Classes are awesome. And I mean that in the true meaning of the word. The first year I attended, I signed up for what I thought would be the best choices for a newbie spinner. And they were exactly what I needed at the time. Lots of information. . . my head swam for days afterward. But then, when I saw some of the projects coming out of the other classes, I was blown away. Well, not literally this time, but truly, in awe. So I made mental note of what I'd like to take the next time, as some of the classes repeat.

Each year, I have come home with exactly the same feeling. What classes should I take next year? What will be new? Oh, my, only two days for classes? How can I possibly fit everything I *want* to take into two days? But this year's choices have been made, and I know that they'll be, again, awesome. I'm taking a color class with Jill Laski, and Silk Fusion. Both are full day classes, and I've diligently packed all the supplies I will need. The next question is whether it'll all fit into the car. (I'm taking a Subaru Forester station wagon, with two friends & all their stuff. I hope we don't have car trouble *this* year.)

Vendors? Did I mention the Vendors? I have decided, this year, to limit the amount of space that I plan to fill with stuff to bring home. I have two suitcases. If it doesn't fit in there, it doesn't get to come home. My Mantra: I don't need more fleece. I don't need more fleece. (I'm thinking back to a previous trip in which we managed to bring home 14. I think there were five of us that time.) So, wish me luck! Maybe if I cut down on my packing a bit. . . say, to a toothbrush & pj's. . .

Just because I thought there should be a photo in today's post, this fleece is from Colin, a sweet little lamb from Oregon. I've been trimming & picking out the bits of straw, and spinning into a three-ply with another Shetland & a roving from Fantasy Fibers. It'll be a variegated which will probably become a sweater for moi.


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