Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Gardens Gone Wild

We're still unpacking boxes, but in between things have taken some time to get out in the gardens. I'm doing some extreme combat gardening, trying to get the buttercups pulled before they all go to seed. At this point, the buttercups are winning, but I keep trying. They're entangled with rose bushes, which truly makes it a challenge, and I have plenty of scratches, thorn punctures, and bruises to show for my work. And one *very sore behind*, probably from all the squatting, crouching, and bending required to get at the little buggers. Mme. Heap de Composte is growing by leaps and bounds.

I've gotten precious little knitting done, but tonight I'm going to the LYS Knit Night (I've earned it) & at this point I'm trying to figure out which knitting project will use the fewest number of muscles. I *have* gotten up to the loom, though. My small study group has decided to do a kitchen towel exchange, and this time (Thank God) it's plain weave, with the stipulation that black be used in some way. I won't give away my exact plans at this point, but I will show you part of the wound warp. :-)


Blogger Leigh said...

I love the colors in your warp. And I envy you your garden even if it is a lot of work at the moment.

8:06 PM  

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