Tuesday, March 06, 2007

How to Launder a Cat

Angus has had a little problem with his hiney, which I think we have resolved with a little modification in his diet, a haircut in his nether regions and a shower. This system worked for us:
1. Turn on shower to a comfortable temperature.
2. Insert cat.
3. Close shower door.
4. If necessary, apply shampoo to affected areas and use shower spray to rinse.
I am happy to say that he tolerated this procedure, considering, well, that he is a cat. He's always been curious about this Chamber of Falling Water, and it really wasn't all *that* traumatic. I think it really helped that he absolutely *loooooves* his Mommy (me) and I went in there with him. No claws. No blood. Amazing. The funny thing is that he doesn't seem to recognize his tail when it's wet. So periodically, when he notices it, he frantically attacks the strange, long rat-like thing that keeps following him around.

Annabelle continues her interest in the computer (evidenced by the bits of cat hair shed into the keyboard).

On the fiber front, the shadow weave towels are done! The loom is ready to begin my 8 shaft weaving class, which will start this week (instead of last week - we had snow). I can hardly wait!

And the Tina shawl from Fiddlesticks Knitting is progressing well. I'm about halfway around the second side (of four - it's a square) and I try to do at leasts one of the 16-row border pattern repeats every day. I usually manage more than one. I've also managed to throw an EZ ribwarmer into the knitting pile. I started this about a month ago for my Mom and it's nearing completion. Photos next time. . .


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