Thursday, February 08, 2007

Hi from Arizona

Sorry it's been so long, folks, but that's the way it goes sometimes. I've become a year older (the 30th anniversary of my 29th birthday, on January 24th), and tonight we are also having a birthday party for a friend here in Arizona. We are visiting Doug's folks and their neighbor has also turned 59, so we've had dinner & cake and quite a celebration with Jan, a fellow Aquarian, and her hubby.

We just returned from a few days in Puerto PeƱasco, Mexico, which is at the north end of the Sea of Cortez. We went there on the Buffalo Bus, with a group of snowbirds who come from all over the U.S. & Canada, but winter in Yuma. (It was 85 degrees here today. One of the folks we encountered said it was -11 at his home in the north today. 'Nuff said.) We had many group outings - a visit to a marine studies center, shopping trips, and a sunset dinner dance. I am quite sure that I saw Santa & Mrs. Claus dancing cheek-to-cheek to a Mexican version of a Beach Boys song. We had a great time & came home with a few treasures, including a sink. Yes, I'm serious. . . we found a beautiful copper sink which will go into one of our bathrooms. We left the guard at the border crossing a bit stunned with that one.

I packed a few knitting projects for our trip, and found that the time on the bus gave me a great opportunity to work on the Tina Shawl (Fiddlesticks Knitting). I am 10 rows away from the outer border. :-) Also, finished one sock for Doug & cast on the second. Alas, I think I overdid a bit & will need to rest my hand. DNS (Dinky Needle Syndrome).

I will publish some photos next time. Bye for now!


Blogger Carol said...

Are you enjoying the Tina Shawl. What color are you doing it in? I distribute patterns for Dorothy - Fiddlesticks Knitting and I love hearing comments about her work. I am also posting to my blog pictures and comments of how knitters have personalized the patterns they have knit. Any chance of a pic? It's been -20C here for over a week - loved your warm weather story. Carol -

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