Sunday, October 15, 2006

Whatcom Weaving Guild Sale

The last two days were busy with the WWG show & sale. I worked on setup committee this year in just a "helper" capacity. Last year we moved to a new venue, Fox Hall at the Hampton Inn in Bellingham WA, and I worked with a very capable group of women to plan setup for the show there. This year, my commitment was much lighter. I showed up on the designated day & worked along with several others to dress tables, place props, and then arrange sale items for display. This year, we divided items into two categories - wearables & decor, and from there arranged the sale items by color. So color predominated, and the room looked stunning when finished.

Yesterday afternoon I spent demonstrating weaving on a Baby Wolf loom, which was set up with a sample warp on which we wove plain weave & twill variations. I also demonstrated inkle weaving. There were lots of people that stopped by to ask questions & watch, and I saw a lot of familiar faces. It was a fun two days, very busy, but very much fun.

Next year, I hope to have many more woven items in the sale. I just had a few dishtowels this year. The items that sold best for me were my hand-dyed yarns (something I love to do). I dyed ten hanks of sock yarn (75% superwash wool/25% nylon in 460 yard skeins). I have three left over, and am pretty happy because I have ideas for all of these colorways. The photo shows just a few of the colorways I did this year.


Blogger Tina T-P said...

Oh, darn, I knew there was something I wanted to do this weekend. Hope they had a lot of people - they did a great job of advertising & I still forgot! (actually we spend yesterday worming, doing pedicures & moving sheep - one down to her new home in Mt. Vernon - so I have a "little" excuse)

Your pictures of Banff are gorgeous! - the bird picture is very cool. I took lots of pictures of fleece (on the hoof) this weekend - I'll be posting some of them on my blog next week. Take care - T.

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