Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I Reallly Shouldn't Complain. . .

I have a cold. Just a regular old cold, with a bit of fever & cough that is hanging on. Really. How is it we can be so disabled by a simple virus? It's truly a minimal thing, especially when I read other bloggers who are dealing with cancer, brain tumors, or other extraordinary health issues. Pardon me while I go blow my nose. . .

I haven't had enough energy to clean house (big surprise) but yesterday, somehow managed to gather enough strength pull out a bit of fiber for a hat for a friend. Last summer, the Buzzards brought over fluff from their dog, Taz. I combined it with a bit of Border Leicester (locating any other fiber at this time would involve major excavation in the fiber stash, so BL it is), and I threw in a bit of purple/copper roving just for a hint of color, and carded it all together. You can see the product in the little balls of roving in the bottom center of the photo. I took them to the Ashford electronic spinner (truly, I was too feeble at this point to treadle - the drum carder took all my energy). I ended up with about 88 yards of three ply, which I hope will be enough for a hat for Little Buzzard.

I did manage, today, to do a bit of weaving with the assistance of Annabelle, my cat. I'm doing an M's and O's sample, trying out various colors of weft yarn. I discovered a few days ago that this particular weave structure would have a much more stable edge with the addition of a floating selvage (one that is not part of the design, but just floats along the edge to reinforce). So, on each side of the striped warp are two additional strands of yarn, which I've weighted to provide some tension, using shower curtain rings & nuts (as in nuts & bolt). So yes, the shower curtain rings & nuts are just dangling there. Who knew they were cat toys?


Blogger Faren said...

Hey, anything that dangles is a cat toy, that just goes without saying.

10:25 PM  
Blogger Kari said...

Cute picture of your cat! :-)

8:23 PM  
Blogger Jiggledy said...

Oh Annabelle! Good Kitty!

1:10 PM  

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