Sunday, January 01, 2006


We have had a quiet celebration of the New Year. Dear Hubby is on call over this holiday, and has been in & out as his job demanded, which left me here to my own devices (mwahahahahaha). I have spent much of the time knitting - a great, relaxing wind-down from the hectic but jolly holidays last week. The tree is still here, the fire still burning in the fireplace, and I am here with my cup of coffee & knitting projects, and the pooch. Today, I finished a pair of socks and knitted an entire hat while flipping channels between "24" reruns on A&E & the Monk-fest on USA Network. (The dog was unimpressed by my knitting accomplishments, despite the fact that the hat was made of handspun wool/granddog fluff.) The weather has been stormy - lots of wind & rain, and it feels very nice to be home with Miss Moof, even if she's not exactly in awe of my creative endeavors.

My one rant concerning the New Year, is Why In The Friggin' Hell can't the calendar manufacturers decide on a standard size for wall calendars and just stick to it??????? I changed ours today, only to discover that the new calendar that I had so carefully selected did not fit in the wooden calendar frame that I've had for many many many years. It was about 3/8" too large to fit in the frame. I nearly shredded the thing to pieces while attempting to trim it with the paper cutter. Hubby to the rescue, since he has infinitely more patience than I, and he was eventually able to cram the *^%$#@ thing into the frame. All this, so that we can look at brightly-colored sunflowers this year, instead of pastel birdies or Americana houses. I'd love to delete, entirely, calendars from my life, but alas, I'd never get to any appointments or meetings without it, and some of those are, well, essential.

I have to apologize for the lack of photos today. My camera seems to have gone on vacation somewhere (without me). Or perhaps it just vanished into the black hole that seems to migrate inside our house. In any case, I'll try to make up for it later.

May we all have peace in the New Year. Cheers!


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