Sunday, September 25, 2005

Knitting on the Edge

After a couple of knitting mishaps along the way, the Stahlman "Catharina" shawl is back on track & nearing completion. This is my first experience at knitting a lace pattern on the edge of anything, but as it turns out, it is not difficult. . . a lot like adding I-cord, which is a piece of cake. The zig-zag lace edging pattern perfectly matches up with the lace pattern on the bottom of the shawl, a fact that I realized after inadvertently switching over to the "Josephine" lace border graph on the same page, which has a different number of rows in its repeat and therefore didn't line up with the shawl's lace pattern. The one difficulty I'm having right now is that the shawl keeps scooting across the table as I'm working on it. Usually to the left. Which, when I think about it, reminds me that when I'm knitting socks, I often find myself leaning toward the left. Does this happen to anybody else?

The yarn for this shawl is handspun. I bought the roving last October on our anniversary getaway, a trip south along the Oregon Coast. I used wool/opossum from Woodland Woolworks for one ply, and wool/alpaca from Pacific Fibers for the other ply. Both were a delight to spin & they worked well together.

The next project is already started - a cropped cabled cardigan from Vogue Knitting. This, again, is handspun - a three ply romney in milk chocolate color. I don't know which is more fun - spinning the yarn or knitting the sweater. The back of the sweater is now finished, and I'm about halfway done spinning the yarn.


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