Monday, July 28, 2008


All the mosquitoes in Whatcom County are in my yard, in long queues at every door & window, smacking their little lips, waiting to get in and exercise their vampire-like behavior on my body. Now I remember why my Dad never wanted to go camping. I don’t know what the reason is - if they’re particularly fond of O+ or some other factor in my blood, or if it’s some pheromonal phenomenon. And yes, I’ve tried B vitamins. Maybe I’d better up the dose. At this rate, I’m going to need a transfusion before this summer ends.

On happier a note, love is in bloom in our pasture. The sheep (boys separated from girls) are making kissy faces at each other through the fence. We’ve had to reinforce the partition as Don (“Adonis”) has already breached it once. . . don’t know if “anything happened” as we think they were together for a pretty short time. If so, though, we could expect a little bundle of joy around Christmas. We are hoping to put that off just a bit & aim for January, so we are planning to put Don with Anemarie (maybe - they seem to be very fond of each other), and Bacchus with Helena, next month. Pebbles was an excellent Mommy & we might consider putting her with Don, or shipping her off to her previous farm for a conjugal visit.

Wish I had some photos to share, but alas, my battery charger continues to be on its own little vacation somewhere. . .


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