Saturday, March 22, 2008

Just hanging with my peeps. . .

We have a wonderful assortment of baby chicks. Three Auracanas, two Black Australorps (lost one to pasty butt - it's a chicken thing that plugs up their little puckies), one Buff Orpington (which should be huge), and two Barred Rocks. It should make for an interesting flock. It's been a challenge to keep the brooder box at an even temperature. . . like *impossible*. We have had temps from 78 to 112 degrees, and I've tried my darnedest to keep on top of it.

It would probably be much easier to keep their environmental temperature constant if I could keep them in the house. However, with two resident feline beasties, I think it's a better idea to keep them away from likely capture/torture/demise. So they're in the garage.

On the knitting front, I've finished the center square of the Oregon Shawl and just picked up stitches for the border. Yippee!!!


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