Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Great Figgy Pudding Caroling Contest

Doug & I recently went to Seattle for his annual Ob/Gyn meeting. While Doug dutifully attends his meetings, it’s been a long tradition for me to shop for Christmas gifts in the beautifully decorated downtown stores, and to visit my two favorite yarn stores in Seattle - the Weaving Works in University District, and Acorn Street Yarn Shop just north of University Village. That’s been my tradition, or at least an attempt at tradition. In recent years I haven’t had the best of luck on this particular weekend. In the last three years, there was the year of the raging sinus infection, the year of the Beetle getting stuck in the bowels of the W Hotel, and last year, the emergency hospitalization of Mother in Mt. Vernon. What would happen this year? Nothing. Perfectly enjoyable.

In the morning I wandered to the Pike Place Market, where I searched kitchen shops for a sheep cookie cutter & electric krumkake iron. I met my son for lunch, shopped some more, and in the evening, we joined friends for dinner & afterward went to The Great Figgy Pudding Caroling Competition. This is an annual fund-raiser for the Pike Place Market Senior Center. It is held at the Westlake Center Park. There were thirty+ choruses that sang on different street corners. The winning group was from Phinney Ridge neighborhood - a truly gifted & enthusiastic group. And best of all, about $60,000 was raised for the Senior Center.

I made my pilgrimage to the two yarn stores on Saturday morning & had a wonderful time there. Mmmm. Alpaca & wool. Mmmmm.

On the Knitting Front

The **** that I’m knitting for **** is finished, except for some blocking & finishing. I’m very pleased with the yarn I chose. I can tell you that it’s Knitpicks bulky superwash. I had a hard time finding bulky superwash elsewhere, and this was very nice to use. Color is bleeding a bit, though. Yellow blood. Strange, considering that the **** is ******.

Other knitting right now is felted mittens. I have had an uncontrollable urge to knit felted mittens. It just may be related to the fact that we haven’t had temperatures above freezing for several days now. We have 3” - 15” of snow on the ground, depending on where you measure. So I’m staying home knitting mittens.


Blogger d2 said...

Is figgy pudding even made from figs?

1:13 PM  
Blogger inSheepsClothing said...

Did you ever find a sheep cookie cutter? I've been looking for one for he longest time!

8:40 PM  

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