Sunday, December 02, 2007


Here I sit with a humongous case of *h*iccups. Too distracting to knit, so I’ll try updating the blog for a*h*while. BTW, I never get those *h* cute little hiccups that a lot of *h* people get - they’re more the truck *h* driver variety that can be rather *h* embarrasing *h* in social situat*h*ions. I’m glad I’m *h*ome.

We had a snowstorm yesterday, with temps ranging from *h* 25 to 25. There was *h* enough snow for us to build a snowsheep & snowman *h* today. *H* The (real) sheep seem to be weathering the storm well, as we are frequently bringing them out *h* warm water. The *h* bird water was frozen, too, *h*, so we thawed out their waterer & they’re happy. They’re hunkered down in the barn *h* on watch for any *h* weasel invaders. (We’ve *h* lost five *h* birds so far.) *H*

With the storm, I’ve been able to spend some time *h* knitting and have finished socks which I started awhile back. The *H* pattern is “Vine Lace Socks” *h* from SOCKS SOCKS SOCKS on page 43 *h*. I've also finished a hat knitted with handspun wool/dog undercoat from a friend's *h* pooch, which will be a *h* Christmas gift. Also, re-knitted the ribbing on *h* hubby's hat, which was *h* waaay too big (as in "made for a *h* conehead").

We were able to get out last night in The Truck (herking *h* large Beast) to the Mount Baker *h* Theater to see Lily Tomlin. *H* Awesome. Wish you *h* both had been there. *h*

I’m going *h* to go back to working *h* on Christmas gifts now. *H*


Blogger Dorothy said...

Oh, poor Yvonne! There's nothing more irritating. But good excuse to just sit and knit. We didn't get any snow that stuck here - just flurries. Not looking forward to the high winds today!

6:35 AM  
Blogger d2 said...

The sox look terrific Yvonne! Good job!

10:29 AM  
Blogger Leigh said...

Poor you! Hiccups are no fun! But the socks and the caps look great!

5:27 AM  

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