Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Tina Shawl Cast-on Day

Today is cast-on day for the Tina shawl, pattern from Fiddlesticks Knitting. My friend, Dee Dee and I had both decided to knit this beautiful Shetland-style shawl. She is a very experienced knitter. I am gaining experience and up for a bit of a challenge. We decided to do a KAL together, and then shared the idea with our friends from Knit Night in Bellingham. Now, several of our fellow Knit Nighters have decided to join in the fun. Thank goodness Nan had already ordered more patterns. . . I hope she has enough. Of course, there's plenty of laceweight yarn to go around, and we're looking forward to seeing the shawls as they progress, in all the different colors/yarns that folks have chosen. I'm working in plain vanilla laceweight Merino from Knitpicks, which, after two rows, I like very much. It's got enough substance that on the size 6 needles I feel pretty comfortable, and it's lofty. I think it'll make a lovely shawl. Some of the other gals have chosen Misti Alpaca laceweight which should be delicious as well.

In a flurry of knitting, I was able to finish the Top-Down Raglan Hooded Sweater from Knitting Pure & Simple, in Lamb's Pride worsted weight. Purple. Very purple. I bought the yarn long ago, and when I finally got around to knitting this sweater, I was wondering what in the world possessed me to buy *this* color. . . but you know how it is. . . you have ten skeins of it & you might as well just make peace with the color. It actually looks pretty good on.

Now off to the shop for a row counter. . .


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